Team Building in EscapArte
Team Building is the term used in the business world to define the set of activities that aims at optimising interpersonal relationships within a group. Nowadays it has become an essential activity for the development of work in any type of company, since it improves the performance, the work environment, the corporate culture and increases
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The Escape Room's Dream Team
There are two types of people: those who are passively engaged to play Escape Rooms and those that are responsible for engaging others. This article aims to be a guide to help the latter choosing the best possible team. When we think of our friends and their abilities as escapists, we tend to focus on
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Escaping is easy if you know how
The title is probably not the most accurate (I dream big XD). Most of the time escaping will not be easy and that’s the whole point. However, people who have played several rooms acquire a series of skills that help them focus on what is important and omit everything that is only going to make
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